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It is very painful that the total degradation of moral values and ethics, has resulted in an increase in the number of separated families.


If a child is from a separated family, then the copy of the divorce order from the court, specifically mentioning the guardianship of the student, must be submitted to keep the school records straight.

It is mandatory that the official records are to be maintained in the school, to deal with the day-to-day affairs of all children.


Pending final orders from the court, both the parents are required to sign a written declaration about the guardianship (either the father or the mother) of the child/student, to enable the school to deal with the authorised person on all matters concerning the particular child/student.


If the legal documents are not submitted to the school, then the TC can be issued, only if, both father and mother appear in person and submit a joint application. The Caution Deposit of such students will be credited only to the Savings Bank Account, mentioned in the TC Application.

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