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The school website is in existence and we have decided to utilise the same 100%. During the year 2018-19, the school website will be fully in place and the best beneficiaries will be the parents and the students.

The school website can be accessed at The school website will consist of


v The School Profile and statutory rules and regulations


v Current Events


v Individual Student's File


The entire school administration will be on automation. All the school correspondence to parents will be online through the parent portal. It is the responsibility of the parents to visit the website and the Student’s Personal File on all days, take note of the intimation and act accordingly. The circulars will also be uploaded through the website.


Ignorance on the part of the parent for whatever reason will not have any legal binding on the school. Those parents who are not conversant with the Information Technology are requested to avail the help of a reliable source on a permanent basis. Every parent will be furnished with a username and password to access their ward's personal life. It is the responsibility of both the father and the mother to maintain secrecy and security of the same.




The school is in the process to upgrade its administration, commensurate with the advanced information technology for the past so many years. However, we could not complete the task till date. During the academic year 2018-19, the challenge will be completed in all respect and we will resort to paperless administration. We request parents to cooperate and fully associate with us in this venture.

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