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Student’s health is of utmost importance. There should be no neglect on the part of the school / the parent in this regard. We assume that all students maintain normal health, until any illness or disability is brought to the notice of the school authorities, by the parents, in writing. The school shall not be held responsible in case of emergencies, if the parents fail to update about the health condition of their ward. It is the duty and responsibility of the parents to inform the school in writing, about the specific health condition of their ward requiring special attention in the normal situation or during emergencies, for follow-up and personal care.


Whenever a student reports of sickness or is found to be ill, he/she will be provided with first aid and allowed to take rest in the school itself. The student, if requires further medical care, will be taken to the nearest doctor for treatment and the same will be communicated to the parents. On rare occasions, students might get minor injuries in the school campus, playground and while commuting by the school transport. Utmost care and consideration will be given to all such cases. For any untoward incidents beyond human control, the Management should not be held responsible.

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