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The fee structure depends primarily on the infrastructure, facilities and comforts provided to students and the recurring maintenance cost. There will be an increase as and when required, commensurate with the cost escalation.

The fees should be paid for all the twelve months of the year in four terms – Term I – April, Term II – July, Term III – October and Term IV – January. The fees should be paid on or before the 10th of the specified month. The fee details for the respective term are made available online in the parent portal. No other reminder will be given. For any fee payment after the due date, a late fee will be collected for payment of the term fee from the 11th to the 20th of the specified month.

The names of the students who fail to pay the fees even after the 20th of the specified month will be removed from the school rolls on a written intimation to the parents. Such students will be re-admitted on a payment of Re-admission fee, which can be paid up to the last working day of the specified month, in person at the school counter as Demand Draft. For any defaulter beyond this date, the Caution Deposit will be refunded, after deducting all the dues including the term fees arrears, at the time of issue of transfer certificate on application.

Parents who withdraw their wards in the middle of the academic year, after the commencement of any term must pay the entire fees for the term, irrespective of the student’s attendance or absence.

All payments, due from the parents, are payable along with the term fees.




Fees payable for all the four terms and other charges payable to school from time to time, by the parents, are to be paid through Online "Payment Gateway". An exclusive portal will be made available in our school website. The online payment can be made by Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking service.

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