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The parents can contact the school as mentioned below:


v All the updations/changes/requests are to be submitted only in the prescribed formats duly signed and sent as hard copy through the child/student. The format of forms that are to be used by the parents and the charges payable for all official business transactions are available in the school website. Communication to be made to the school, other than the prescribed format must be sent as a written request in an A4 sheet or through the registered e-mail.


v Visit the school office for administrative and academic purposes from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m on all working days.


v Transactions over telephone will not be entertained as the office desk will not be in a position to respond.


v On any emergency, the Parents can contact the authorised official on Mobile, only during the working hours. The contact details will be available in the School Calendar.


The mobile phone of the official will be left in the school office after school hours and during holidays.


All the communication from the parents will be given due importance and action taken thereon. However, the school will not be in a position to reply for all the communications received from the parents. Wherever it is a must, the reply will be given.


On matters of emergency, such as health, the parents can contact the authorised officer round-the-clock, for which the details will be given in the school calendar. Misuse of this facility by the parent for all and sundry matters, will be viewed seriously and action taken thereon.


Verbal communication sent through teaching or non-teaching staff shall be considered invalid and will not have any binding on the Management. The parents should not have any contact or dealings with the school staff either directly or indirectly. If such an act is found and proven, then it will result in the dismissal of the staff and the student.

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