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Every year, the admission is open only for Junior Montessori First Year(JM1). No admission can be given for JM2 and JM3 classes, unless under special circumstances, as the entire Junior Montessori is a package course for a period of three years. Admission to all other classes is subject to vacancy.


Parents are requested to study the Fee structure and the Regulations of the School, made available in the website before they think of SSM School. This school will be convenient and comfortable for the students to acquire knowledge and mould their future and will not fit into the modern trend of the expectations of both the parents and the students.


It should be understood by the parents who seek admission, that it is very difficult for them to follow the rules and regulations of the SSM School. The applicants are humbly requested to study and understand the stipulations, satisfy about the same and then venture for admission of their ward. There should be no confrontation on any issue during the child’s / student’s study career and both the school and the parent must maintain absolute cordial relationship throughout.



v The date and time to submit the online “Requisition Form” for the issue of Registration Form will be notified in the school website and on the notice board at the school entrance gate.


v The online Requisition Form will be available only until vacancies exist. The Management will in no way be responsible for non-availability of seats. There is no favouritism or recommendation from any quarter whatsoever.


v On completion of online request, the parents will be provided with a password and can take further follow up step-by-step.


Both the father and the mother must be present for a detailed discussion on the prescribed date and time, and if satisfied on both sides, the Registration Form will be issued on payment of a Registration Fee of 5,000/- in cash.


The registration fee paid will not be refunded at any cost, irrespective of whether the child / the student gets admitted in the school or not, for whatever reason.




v The parents should have the mind to respect education. Money power or social status has no role to play in our school.


v The proximity of the student's residence to the school will be considered.


v Parental background to cope with the rules and regulations of the school and their financial affordability will be taken into consideration.


v The students must possess the minimum academic level and age required for a particular class of study.


There is no Donation or Capitation fee for admission.


Recommendation from any quarter whatsoever will not be entertained.


The parents must approach the school on time, for the admission of the siblings of the existing students. The school may not be able to help, if the parents are not on time




For parents who wish to withdraw after admission but before school opening, the admission fee paid will be forfeited. The caution deposit and the fee will be refunded in full. In case of withdrawal after the opening of the school, irrespective of the attendance of the student, only the Caution Deposit will be refunded. The entire fee paid will be forfeited.

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